The Issues

Louis Jones, currently serving as Mayor of Virginia Beach and representative of the Bayside district, is a Virginia Beach leader who is closely connected to the civic community, the business community, the military community - Louis Jones preserves what makes Virginia Beach special while leading into the future. His sound fiscal management has helped lead Virginia Beach through tough economic times, and his skills have helped negotiate some of the greatest progress in Virginia Beach.

Environmental Protection

Louis Jones is a leader in protecting our environment and open space in Virginia Beach. From supporting the Agricultural Reserve Program, acquiring Pleasure House Point in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, saving Stumpy Lake from development, opposing offshore oil drilling which could destroy our beaches and waterways, and recently opposing the development of homes on swampland, Louis Jones has always put protection of our natural resources and the environment first.


Louis Jones supports public education and most recently voted to fully fund full-day kindergarten in Virginia Beach. Louis Jones understands that Virginia Beach students deserve the best education possible and has consistently funded the school board requests to make sure our schools are the best schools in Virginia.


Virginia Beach consistently has the lowest real estate taxes of any city in Hampton Roads. Louis Jones has helped attract businesses and activity that generates revenue for the city so that Virginia Beach residents can have safe schools, roads and schools with a smaller reliance on real estate taxpayers.

Short-Term Rentals

Louis Jones helped design the City’s policies with regards to short term rentals and AirBnB, making sure that most of the city would have regulations and conditional use permits to prevent neighborhood problems while creating districts in resort areas near the beach that wouldn’t need a special permit. All rentals still must follow the standard city rules for short-term rentals. The compromise allows for community involvement and preserves neighborhoods throughout the city.

Stormwater and Flooding

Stormwater and hurricane impacts are an issue for any low-lying coastal city, and that includes Virginia Beach. Louis Jones has supported both a short term and long term strategy for confronting the reality. Virginia Beach has committed significant funding for addressing and upgrading our stormwater system. Studies are underway so that we can address the major storm impacts correctly. Rushing into engineering solutions can cause mistakes that are expensive to fix. We must design and engineer solutions the right way so that streets no longer flood and solutions work the first time.

Public Safety

Louis Jones has put safety first for many years serving on City Council, dedicating resources for expanding positions in the police and fire departments. Virginia Beach has long been considered one of the safest large cities in America, with crime rates at 1960s levels. We must continue our vigilance. The city budget funds security for our schools in addition to our neighborhoods, and we must make sure our public safety professionals have the best training, tools and compensation to make sure we retain those in uniform who do a great job protecting our city.

Economic Development

Louis Jones has led on issues that grow our economy and bring high paying jobs to Virginia Beach. Without his work on securing the Lake Gaston pipeline, instead of a thriving resort, a Town Center, broadband internet and biomedical research companies, we would have water restrictions and the city enacted a moratorium on new businesses in Virginia Beach. From Town Center to the Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Louis Jones has brought economic vitality to Virginia Beach and continues to make sure we make Virginia Beach the best place to live and work for all families across the city.